Harry Potter Potions Incursion

Harry Potter Potions Class

Put away your parchments and gather around the cauldron. It’s time to learn the ancient art of potion-making in this Harry Potter-inspired class, that is lead by Professor Sillius Snape.

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Students will then learn how to conjure up slime, magically inflate a balloon and create dragon’s milk fireworks. To add to the fun, all ingredients come labelled just like they would be at Hogwarts, including ‘acromantula venom’ and ‘bubotuber pus’. This is a highly interactive session that will capture the imagination of all primary school aged children.

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Anzac Day incursion will inspire and amaze students

Letters From the Front
- Anzac Day Incursion

This incursion is an interactive performance based on real life letters from a WW1 soldier, covering a soldier's life, time in the trenches, their journeys and return to normal life.

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Students will travel through time in this dramatic incursion that transverses the time of a solider in active duty during the time of the ANZACs. Includes interactive play, games and dramatic role play.

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Mad Scientist Program

We make science FUN in this humourous, interactive and engaging incursion. Think mini-explosions (safely of course!), wacky antics and fun experiments that will spark science interest in all ages of students.

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Program Includes:

  • Introduction - What is Science, why is it important?
  • Interactive Program - see science in action!

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Gold Rush History incursion

Gold Rush History & Parlour Games

Get ready to step back in time and be greeted by Civil James and/or Margaret Kennedy (the first male and female to find Gold in 1851) in this historical program that is both fun and educational.

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Program includes:

  • Intro from the Character/s in full costume and character.Prepare for fun with Period Parlour Games and/or Bush DancingA true step back in time that delights and excites, leaving the children in wonderment; sparking a love and interest in History.

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The Science of Food:
Molecular Gastronomy

In this session, children will learn different Molecular Gastronomy techniques that utilise a range of fresh fruits and vegetables in amazing ways. (Note: SA Only)

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This incursion allows children to break down nutrition through science; guaranteed to be an incursion that students will never forget!

Children will learn to make:

Spherical yolks: This spherical yolk is made using a basic spherification technique and is based on a simple puree. Originally a creation of Ferran Adria, and first introduced at el Bulli in 2003. Children will be entranced by the magic; the skin dissolves in the mouth instantly releasing the contents of the 'yolk'.

Caviar: A perfect sphere with an almost imperceptible membrane; these caviar explode in the mouth! The original spherification; discovered in the US in the 50s and perfected by Ferran Adria.

Noodles: Be amazed at the molecular noodles; made from actual fruit and vegetable juice (and with a little help from the ocean)! These jelly noodles can be eaten hot or cold and children can really let their imaginations run wild!

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