Our goal is to bring you quality, unique
and memorable incursions.

We focus on topical incursions to support and compliment teachers, schools and students in the development of children and experience and skills of Teachers and Adults.  Our philosophy is to work for the greater good of your community in areas of Culture, Wellbeing, Social Intelligence, The Arts, Science and Health; all delivered with a fresh approach and made fun and memorable. Christine Sully and her team have been working in schools for the past decade, presenting incursions and programs. We previously worked under the banner of other agencies who were thrilled with our work and thus continued for many years until Incursions R Us evolved. Our experience, professionalism and expertise cannot be rivalled in the Incursions field. I personally guarantee all of our programs, and am passionate about bringing exciting, innovative and engaging workshops to school students.  

Christine Sully, Director
Incursions R Us



Christine lives in Melbourne, Victoria, where she enjoys life to the full,
dancing every day and always remembering to smile.